Annuity Master provides custom online assessment for clients

After months of development, Ascend Financial Group is launching The Annuity Master, an online assessment that provides a real time custom report to help participants understand if an annuity could be part of their retirement strategy. The companion site, Your Annuity Master, is a content-rich web site that provides people extensive information about annuities, retirement planning, how annuities work, and other information to assist people with retirement plan options.

Following is the welcome video for The Annuity Master:


“The first thing I recognized when coming up with The Annuity Master concept is that 1) education levels about annuities are low, and 2) annuities are not for everyone. These two points formed the basis to create this system,” stated Charles Bobo, Ascend Financial’s founder. He went on to state, “People have to go through a suitability review with the insurance company prior to being approved for an annuity. As such, we want to provide some initial screening to help people understand if they truly need one — or will even qualify — before spending too much time.”

The dynamic assessment analyzes visitors’ answers to a series of questions and provides a scored report, video, and downloadable document. Customers can also schedule a free 30-minute consultation to review their score with an agent.

Annuities can be perceived as very complex, and most people and business professionals are not well educated on how these work. There are a lot of myths surrounding annuities, and Your Annuity Master is packed full of content to help educate people and improve their understanding of annuities. Blog/news articles, videos, and on-demand webinars are available at no cost for visitors.

The Annuity Master will be available to agents nationwide to participate in a cooperative media campaign for attracting new clients. For agent members, the program includes the custom assessment and report system, companion content site, dynamic online calendar and CRM sales system, with SMS and email campaign programs. Participation with be on a market-limited basis.

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