Business Services

Cost Remediation Audits

Ascend Financial Group offers a unique suite of services tailored to help businesses recoup lost money. These dollars are hidden in operational areas of the business that most owners do not consider. With no additional expense to your business, we help uncover these hidden profits:

  1. Cost Segmentation
  2. Property Taxes
  3. R&D and Worker Opportunity Tax Credits
  4. Merchant, Recycling, and other cost reduction audits

Ascend Financial Group provides cost remediation services on a contingency basis. If we don’t help recover money for your company, you pay us nothing. 

Business Succession

More than 50% of businesses do not have any formal plan for how to handle the death, disability, or removal of a key person such as the founder or a c-level executive. Losing a founder can bankrupt a business, due to the debts and personal guarantees the owner may have shouldered to grow the business. Ascend Financial Group will help avoid these circumstances.

Another valuable consideration is how to reward employees who illustrate considerable loyalty to the company’s success. It requires more than just a periodic bonus to truly reward such team members. Employee stock option plan (ESOP) is just one strategy. As for the key leaders and owners, strategies such as key man coverage and cross purchase agreements are strategies we help clients implement to assure the businesses long-term success.

Group Benefits

At Ascend Financial Group, planning for retirement is something each of us needs to do. Making smart choices about how much money you save, and what retirement planning savings vehicles you use, can mean the difference between having the income you need in retirement to live the lifestyle you want, or struggling financially. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to saving for retirement.

If you prefer a product that offers safety and guarantees, you may want to consider the retirement protection benefits offered through annuity products, indexed/variable universal life (IUL) insurance policies, and other such investment vehicles that provide life protection in addition to cash accumulation.