Family Needs

Empowered Planning

Charles Bobo, founder of Ascend Financial Group, shares his thoughts on how a family needs to balance its needs for protecting the unit in the case of unexpected disability or death, which can leave a family without a home or income. Ascend’s Empowered Plan takes into account your needs and goals and helps set them up in an affordable plan that’s easy to understand, set-up, and manage.

Proactive Strategy = Empowered Future

Mortgage Protection

Your house is the biggest asset your family depends on. Protecting it in the case of unexpected disability or death is critical to protect “their” future.

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Disability Protection

Disability has a higher probability than an unexpected death. Though most are short-term from an injury or illness, others can be for a lifetime.

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Life Savings

Savings for college funds, retirement, travel, and unexpected challenges can be accomplished through several products to minimize and eliminate tax burdens.

Would you like to eliminate taxes for long-term investments?

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Protecting Those Who Matter Most

At Ascend Financial Group, setting up an Empowered Plan is easy to understand, set-up, and manage. We consider your goals and vision for your family, as well as your budget. Often times, a single insurance policy can provide protection for more than one need. Additionally, we can help you set-up long-term savings for college and retirement that can eliminate tax burdens entirely.