Do You Have a Legacy Plan?

The Importance of Legacy Plans

Charles Bobo, founder of Ascend Financial Group, shares his thoughts and experiences of helping clients properly set up a legacy plan that protects the insured and helps the family more easily manage the challenging and emotional times that come when a loved one passes away.

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3 Key Components of a Legacy Plan

Final Wishes

This documents provides direction to your loved ones as to your wishes. Death is an emotional time for relatives and funeral preparation adds unnecessary pressure. A final wishes document removes the stress and clearly spells out for everyone involved what YOUR wishes are at passing.

Notarized Will

A Will details the assets to pass down and debts that need to be settled when a loved one passes. We assist our clients in developing simplified Wills and will refer you to the right professional in situations where the estate is more complex. The Will keeps peace in the family.

Plan Funding

The Legacy Plan needs to be funded to assure expenses are not a surprise to family members. The average funeral is $10,000 and other costs add to that quickly. Ascend implements cost-effective insurance plans to assure family members are not stuck with unanticipated costs.

The average funeral costs $10,000

Let us help you find an affordable solution to help with these costs

Compliementary Services for Seniors

At Ascend Financial Group, we view legacy planning as more than just covering funeral costs. It deals with setting up a plan to assure the proper transition of assets, gifts, and the settlement of debts to our loved ones without adding more pressure to a highly emotional time.

At Ascend, all our clients are provided free-of-charge a Final Wishes Document and Will set-up assistance as part of their Legacy Plan. Most people do not have such a plan in place, so it’s our goal to provide you with much needed assistance for no additional costs.