New Site Helps Business by Locating “Found Money”

Ascend Financial Group has launched for struggling business owners during the COVID-19 crisis, helping them locate funds to enhance poor cash positions. Most companies have only 30-60 days of cash reserves before running out of money. Ascend’s program finds money that’s been left on the table through various pro-active audits, which ultimately puts money back into businesses almost immediately.

Ascend has partnered with two auditing organizations that have more than 14-years experience in recovering hundreds of millions in lost money for clients. “Through a series of pro-active cost-recovering audits, we can literally uncover tens of thousands of dollars for clients”, stated Charles Bobo, the founder of Ascend Financial Group.

Services are provided on a contingency basis… if we can’t find the money, you pay nothing!

During the Chinese Coronavirus mandatory shut-down orders issued by all the states, business are clinging to life, and the Federal Government’s emergency relief programs are not providing enough cash to keep businesses afloat.

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