Tax Accountants Not Staffed for Extensive Auditing

Most business owners have a good relationship with their tax accountant, and survey after survey shows that accountants are about the most trusted advisor of business owners. However, due to the complexity of tax planning and filing today with a 30,000-plus page tax code, few accountants have the resources for in-depth auditing. It’s expensive and requires time.

Enter Ascend Financial Group

On a contingency basis and through our relationship with Growth Management Group, we work with your tax accountant to provide in-depth auditing services that can recoup tens of thousands of dollars in many cases for a business owner. We do all the work, and the accountant takes what we uncover and builds it into your company’s tax strategy. Often times this results in the business recouping lost money from the IRS and county governments through cost segregation, property and real property taxes, and worker opportunity tax credits. Consider just property taxes by clicking the button:

How Much $$ Can I Recover?

The tax codes have become so burdensome and complex, that tax accountants should be expected to wear so many hats. Managing the taxes alone is more than challenging enough. We enjoy coming alongside your accountant to assist in locating “found” money through cost segregation, property taxes, merchant audits, employee tax credits, and other operational areas where money is often left on the table.